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The Most Reliable Storm Damage Repair Roofers

Twin Cities Most Reliable Storm Damage Repair Roofers

Wind, hail, tornado, snow, and ice will wreak havoc on a roof. If your roof was damaged during a recent storm, the Twin Cities roofing company, Earth Friendly Builders has several options available to get your roof back into tip-top shape. When you call us for a free inspection, we will perform a thorough assessment of your roof, visually inspecting the materials and physically checking under and around the roof to ensure no damage goes unchecked.

Twin Cities Hail Damage Roof Repair Services

Hail storms can cause severe damage to your roof and the damage it causes can be difficult to detect with an untrained eye. That’s why you should always contact a roofing professional to schedule a full inspection any time you’ve experienced a storm with hail. Do you have concerns about hail damage from a recent storm in the Twin Cities? Call Earth Friendly Builders, today, to schedule a comprehensive inspection to determine if your roof has been damaged. We’ll provide you with a full report and expert guidance on your next steps. We also provide roof tarping services to prevent future damage to the roof while actual repairs are being made.

Wind Damage Roof Repair in The Twin Cities

Wind can cause unsightly damage by causing shingles to curl and lift, but the cosmetic damage strong winds can do to your roof is the least of your concerns. If your shingles are lifting and damaged it’s a sure indication that there is further damage that can’t be seen with the naked eye. Missing shingles and loss of granules exposes the roof coating to external elements which will prematurely age your roof at best and lead to leaks and structural damage at worst. Call Earth Friendly Roofers anytime severe winds damage your roof to schedule your comprehensive inspection, so we can help keep your home safe and secure. Our team can also help you repair your roof damaged by a tornado.

FAQs about Storm Damage to Your Home


Does Insurance Cover Storm Damage to Your Roof?

Most homeowners insurance policies in the Twin Cities offer some level of coverage for storm damage to your roof. The full extent of your coverage is very policy specific, and you’ll need to communicate with your agent to find out your coverage.

How does the roof inspection process work?

When you suspect storm damage, we will promptly dispatch one of our roofing professionals to perform a thorough, visual inspection of your roof and the surrounding areas including the ground and the attic space to ensure the most comprehensive assessment possible.

Will you help me file an insurance claim?

Absolutely! We can provide you with a comprehensive report following our inspection to provide to your insurance company to help streamline the insurance claims process for you.

Repairing storm damage to your Twin Cities roof can feel like a daunting task, but you don’t have to worry when you have Earth Friendly Builders at your back. We’ll guide you through the process from start to finish giving you the peace of mind to know that the job is being done right. If you’ve experienced storm damage to your home, call us right away to schedule your inspection!


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